News Center

Information All-In-One


News Center is an easy to use and powerful internet news reader. It supports multiple platforms including Mac, iPad and Android. It can run on the desktops, tablets and smart phones.


News Center has many popular RSS feeds built in, you can also add and organize custom RSS feeds.

Search any keywords in News Center, all the latest news about your keywords will be presented.

You can track latest news from any popular websites, just type the website domain and press [Search].

You can use tree structure folders to categorize your feeds, the levels of subfolders are unlimited.

Most of the articles from your feeds are re-formatted in a much neater way and they are Ad-Free.

Video Playback
News Center supports video playback for those articles that contain videos, just a tap away.

Offline Reading
News Center will automatically cache every feed and every article you opened for offline reading.



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